What the media/tastemakers are saying about
Dominga Martin…

"Dominga Martin is a talented, innovative and dynamic writer/director. She isn't what's next. She's ready to be what's now."
-- S. Tia Brown (Senior Editor, JET Magazine)

"Mostly Dominga is a visionary...there are very few of those..since this is her first film I can't talk about how great a film maker she will become...But I can see clearly that her vision is precise and she is determined to make significant marks on the film making industry. I've seen a few people like Dominga before in the visual arts...Wangechi Mutu comes to mind...Sanford Wylie. I saw the same thing in their eyes that I see in Dominga's and they have changed the face of contemporary visual art. She reminds me a little of my brother Russell when we bought a house and lived together...all he did was eat, think and sleep hip hop...she's pretty much the same way with making this film..."
-- Danny Simmons (Critically Acclaimed Painter & Older Brother to Mogul Russell Simmons & Rev. Run of Run DMC)

"Judging by the trailer, we should be in for a uniquely refreshing and entertaining experience that is both informative and artistic!"
-- Wilson Morales (Blackfilm.com)

“Hollywood has never seen something like the House Of Ming movement. Dominga’s movies will present a breath of fresh air and escapism for our culture and all movie goers alike. Take note of this true visionary who will make movie magic one flick at a time. When it’s all said and done they will say that she was one of the best to ever do it”
-- Gladymir Leveille (Co-Founder/Publisher Crème-Magazine.com)

"I have known Dominga Martin for well over a decade and what's always stood out about her is her fearlessness. She approaches all that she is passionate about with total abandon; I have absolutely no doubt that her first feature film will not only be a thoughtful, visual feast for the senses, but it will also serve as a fierce example of what ambition, hard work and faith can accomplish."
-- Isoul H. Harris (Senior Editor, UPTOWN Magazine)

"I think this definitely shows fearlessness in an ungrateful world that doesn't give any opportunities to anyone. The only way to advance is to take the risks for change because the risks lead to a momentum. What that means is, as you advance, the ball starts to move [and] when people believe and have faith the ball goes faster and faster [and] the momentum becomes a revolution, like a boulder knocking down anything in its path and making way for what comes behind. That's what Dominga is. A boulder offering a beacon of hope to anyone who believes they can make it."
-- Johnny Nunez (Celebrity Photographer/WIRE IMAGE)

"There's a lot that I like about Dominga as a filmmaker. She's insightful, hardworking and enjoys the pursuit of her vision surrounded by a strong team. But one quality that towers above the rest is her clarity of purpose. In short, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask questions to get the answers that will assist her pursuing her goals and objectives; for herself as a filmmaker and for her clients who have come to trust that she will "do the right thing". She makes it happen because she knows what she wants."
-- Monty Ross (Producer and Director)

"So excited to see this happening! Dominga Martin proves she is a force and has a message for all to hear. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful energy and vision."
-- Justiin Davis (Actor, HBO's Boardwalk Empire)

"You are an inspiration to all women, and have inspired me to achieve excellence."
-- Tammy Ford (Ultimate Tastemaker)

“I have known Dominga for a few years now and have grown to admire her both on a personal and professional level. She is one of the most creative, witty, down-to-earth and all around beautiful people I know - inside and out. I have so much faith in this project simply because I have seen her work, what’s she’s accomplished and know what she is capable of – great things. I am honored to be able to share in this moment with her and look forward to all things to come.”
-- Surayyah Tatum (Publicity, VH-1)

With what I know about Dominga Martin, I KNOW this project she is working on will be of high quality, if only because all that I have seen from [and] of Dominga, has been of high quality, so I expect nothing less from Ms. Martin!!! I look forward to seeing her continue to make her own history!!!!
-- Big Ced (Co-Founder, The Industry Co-Sign)